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Getting charged with a crime in Simpsonville can be a traumatic experience. Even "petty" crimes can cause an individual's life to fall apart professionally and personally. Spending time in jail is bad enough, but the ramifications of a criminal record run deep, resulting in loss of employment, loss of friends, and even family. For many people, having a zealous criminal defense attorney in Simpsonville, SC, to defend their rights is the only shot they have of living a normal life.

That's why, if you have been charged with a crime, you need the help of a veteran criminal defense lawyer early in the legal process. That's where CDH Law Firm comes in to give you or your loved one hope when you need it the most.

Our criminal defense law firm was founded to help people just like you - hardworking men and women who are looking at diminished employment opportunities and a possible lifetime of embarrassment. But with our team of experts fighting by your side, you have a much better chance of maintaining your freedom and living a normal, productive life. When it comes to criminal law in Simpsonville, we've seen it all. With decades of combined experience, there is no case too complicated or severe for us to handle, from common DUI charges to complicated cases involving juvenile crimes. Unlike some of our competition, we prioritize personalized service and cutting-edge criminal defense strategies to effectively represent our clients.

Criminal Defense Attorney Simpsonville, SC

Clients rank CHSA Law, LLC as the top choice for Simpsonville criminal defense because we provide:

  • One-on-One Counsel
  • Education on the Simpsonville Legal Process and Its Risks
  • Ardent, Effective Representation
  • Commitment to Our Clients and Defending Their Rights
  • Prompt Inquiry Response
  • Robust Experience with Criminal Law Cases in Simpsonville
  • Innovative Defense Strategies
  • Effective, Thorough Research and Investigation

Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer in Simpsonville can mean the difference between conviction and acquittal. Our firm has represented thousands of clients in the Lowcountry, and we're ready to defend you too. Some of our specialties include:

 Law Firm Simpsonville, SC

DUI Cases
in Simpsonville, SC

DUI penalties in Simpsonville can be very harsh. Many first-time DUI offenders must endure a lifelong criminal record, license suspension, and the possibility of spending time in jail. Officers and judges take DUI very seriously, with 30% of traffic fatalities in South Carolina involving impaired drivers, according to NHTSA. Criminal convictions can have lasting impacts on your life, which is why CDH Law Firm works so hard to get these charges dismissed or negotiated down. In some cases, we help clients avoid jail time altogether.

 Criminal Defense Lawyer Simpsonville, SC
When you hire our DUI defense firm, our team will always work towards your best interests and will go above and beyond to achieve the best outcome in your case. Depending on the circumstances of your DUI charges, we will investigate whether:
  • Your DUI stop was legal
  • You were administered a field sobriety test correctly
  • The breathalyzer used was calibrated correctly and properly maintained
  • Urine and blood tests were administered and collected properly

The bottom line? Our criminal law defense attorneys will do everything possible to keep you out of jail with a clean permanent record. It all starts with a free consultation, where we will take time to explain the DUI process. We'll also discuss your defense options and speak at length about the differences between going to trial and accepting a plea bargain.

DUI Penalties in Simpsonville, SC

The consequences of a DUI in Simpsonville depend on a number of factors, including your blood alcohol level and how many DUIs you have received in the last 10 years. If you're convicted, the DUI charge will remain on your criminal history and can be seen by anyone who runs a background check on you. Sometimes, a judge will require you to enter alcohol treatment or install an interlock device on your automobile.

If you're on the fence about hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Simpsonville, SC, consider the following DUI consequences:

Criminal Defense Attorney Simpsonville, SC

First Offense


48 hours to 90 days

in jail

with fines ranging from

$400 to $1,000

Second Offense


Five days to three years

in jail

with fines ranging from

$2,100 to $6,500

Third Offense


60 days to five years

in jail

with fines ranging from

$3,800 to $10,000

Additional consequences can include:


Alcohol or Drug Treatment

When convicted of DUI in South Carolina, most offenders must join the Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program. This program mandates that offenders complete a drug and alcohol assessment and follow the recommended treatment options.

 Law Firm Simpsonville, SC


Community Service

Some first-time DUI offenders in Simpsonville may choose to complete community service in lieu of jail time. Community service hours are usually equal to the length of jail time an offender would be required to serve.

 Criminal Defense Lawyer Simpsonville, SC

Sanctions to Your Driver's License

Typically, when a person is convicted of driving under the influence in Simpsonville, their driver's license is restricted or suspended. The length of restriction or suspension depends on how many prior DUI convictions an individual has.

First DUI Offense

First-time DUI offenders must endure a six-month license suspension. Drivers convicted with a blood-alcohol level of .15% or more do not qualify for a provisional license. However, sometimes they may still drive using an ignition interlock device.

Second DUI Offense

Offenders convicted of a second DUI charge must use an ignition interlock device (IID) for two years.

Third DUI Offense

Offenders convicted of a third DUI charge must use an ignition interlock device (IID) for three years. That term increases to four years if the driver is convicted of three DUIs in five years.

Immobilized Vehicle

For offenders with two or more convictions, the judge will immobilize their vehicle if it is not equipped with an IID. When a judge immobilizes a vehicle, the owner must turn over their registration and license plate. Clearly, the consequences of receiving a DUI in Simpsonville can be life-changing, and not in a good way. The good news is that with CDH Law Firm, you have a real chance at beating your charges and avoiding serious fines and jail time. Every case is different, which is why it's so important that you call our office as soon as possible if you are charged with a DUI.

Traffic Violation Cases

Most drivers brush off traffic law violations as minor offenses, but the fact of the matter is they are criminal matters to be taken seriously. Despite popular opinion, Traffic Violation cases in Simpsonville can carry significant consequences like fines and even incarceration. If you or someone you love has been convicted of several traffic offenses, your license could be suspended, restricting your ability to work and feed your family.

Every driver should take Traffic Violations seriously. If you're charged with a traffic crime, it's time to protect yourself and your family with a trusted criminal defense lawyer in Simpsonville, SC. Cobb Dill Hammett, LLC is ready to provide the legal guidance and advice you need to beat your traffic charges. We'll research the merits of your case, explain what charges you're facing, discuss your defense options, and strategize an effective defense on your behalf.

Common Simpsonville
Traffic Violations That CDH Law
Firm Fights

There are dozens and dozens of traffic laws in Simpsonville, all of which affect drivers in some way. Our Simpsonville defense attorneys fight a full range of violations, including but not limited to the following:

Criminal Defense Attorney Simpsonville, SC
  • Driving Under Suspension: If you drive while your license is suspended, revoked, or canceled, you could be looking at 30 days in jail and fines up to $300.
  • Driving Under the Influence: Operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated on drugs or alcohol is illegal and often results in jail time and fines.
  • Reckless Driving: You could be ordered to pay up to $200 in fines or jailed for up to 30 days if you drive with wanton disregard for the safety of other people.
  • Racing: You can be cited and fined if you aid or participate in street racing.
  • Hit and Run: When you leave the scene of an accident that involved injury to another party, you can be arrested. This serious charge can lead to up to one year in jail and fines of up to $5,000 for first-time offenders.
  • Disregard Traffic Signals: Drivers must obey all traffic signals and control devices, less they be ticketed and sometimes fined.

As seasoned traffic violation lawyers, we know how frustrating it can be to get charged with a Traffic Violation. While some traffic charges can be minor, others are severe and can affect your life for years to come. Don't leave your fate up to chance call CDH Law Firm today for the highest-quality Traffic Violation representation in Simpsonville.

Juvenile Crime Cases in
Simpsonville, SC

At Cobb Dill Hammett, LLC, we understand that children are still growing and learning about the world around them. As such, they may make mistakes that get them into trouble with the law. Children and teens who are arrested in Simpsonville can face much different futures than other children their age. Some face intensive probation, while others are made to spend time in jail.

This happens most often when a child's parents fail to retain legal counsel for their son or daughter. Cases referred to the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice often move quicker than adult cases, so finding a good lawyer is of utmost importance. With that said, a compassionate criminal defense attorney in Simpsonville, SC, can educate you and your child about their alleged charges. To help prevent your child from going to a detention center, we will devise a strategy to achieve favorable results in their case.

 Law Firm Simpsonville, SC
 Criminal Defense Lawyer Simpsonville, SC

Juvenile Detention Hearings

Unlike adults, juveniles don't have a constitutional right to a bond hearing. Instead, once your child is taken into custody a Detention Hearing is conducted within 48 hours. This hearing is similar to a combination of a Bond Hearing and a Preliminary Hearing. Unfortunately, there is little time to prepare for these hearings, which is why you must move quickly and call CDH law firm as soon as possible.

Our team gathers police reports, petitions, interviews your child at the DJJ, speaks with you about the case and talks to the prosecutor to discover if they have plans for detention. In most cases, we strive to avoid detention and seek alternatives like divisionary programs or treatment facilities. This strategy better addresses your child's issues and keeps them out of the juvenile legal system in Simpsonville. If your child is charged with a crime, and South Carolina decides to prosecute, your child will appear before a family court judge, who will find them delinquent or not delinquent. There are no juries in juvenile cases in South Carolina, which is why it's crucial to have a lawyer present to defend your child if they go in front of a judge.

Common penalties for juveniles charged with crimes in Simpsonville include:

Criminal Defense Attorney Simpsonville, SC
  • Probation: Children charged with probation are released to their parents or guardians. Depending on their charges, they must abide by certain stipulations while at home and may be subject to random drug screenings. Violation of probation often results in jail time.
  • 90 Days in Juvenile Detention Center: When probation is not a viable option, prosecutors may push for 90 days of jail time in a juvenile detention facility.
  • Juvenile Detention: Children who commit very serious crimes can be sent to a juvenile detention center for a long time. These sentences can last up to the child's 21st birthday.
  • School Expulsion: When a child is convicted of a crime, their school is notified of the offense. Sometimes, the administration may decide to expel the child from school for the misdemeanors or felonies they commit.

We Fight to Protect
Your Rights So You Can
Provide for Your Family

Whether you are facing a DUI charge or a serious traffic violation, CDH Law Firm is here to fight for your rights so you can continue living life. The future might seem bleak, but our criminal defense lawyers in Simpsonville, SC, have the tools, experience, and strategy to win your case, as we have with so many others. Don't lose hope call our office today and maintain your freedom tomorrow.

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Latest News in Simpsonville, SC

Toll Brothers Announces New Luxury Home Community Coming Soon to Simpsonville, South Carolina

Woodcrest Hills will offer brand-new home designs within a top-rated school district in the desirable Five Forks areaWoodcrest Hills by Toll BrothersWoodcrest Hills by Toll BrothersSIMPSONVILLE, S.C., Dec. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ...

Woodcrest Hills will offer brand-new home designs within a top-rated school district in the desirable Five Forks area

Woodcrest Hills by Toll Brothers

Woodcrest Hills by Toll Brothers

SIMPSONVILLE, S.C., Dec. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Toll Brothers, Inc. (NYSE:TOL), the nation’s leading builder of luxury homes, today announced its newest community, Woodcrest Hills, is coming soon to the Five Forks area of Simpsonville, South Carolina. This exclusive neighborhood will be conveniently located at Woodruff Road and Finley Hill Court in Simpsonville and will feature luxury home designs built with the quality and craftsmanship for which Toll Brothers is known. Site work is underway, and the community is anticipated to open for sale in the spring of 2024.

Located in the desirable Five Forks area, Woodcrest Hills will offer 40 home sites and eight brand-new home designs with spacious open floor plans and well-appointed kitchens. Home buyers will experience modern architectural details, patios for indoor/outdoor living, and private flex space for home offices to complement a luxurious lifestyle. Homes are priced from the low $400,000s.

“Woodcrest Hills will offer residents the rare opportunity to build a new construction home within the well-established and highly desirable Five Forks area,” said Jason Simpson, Division President of Toll Brothers in South Carolina. “With open floor plans and unrivaled personalization options through the Toll Brothers Design Studio experience, our well-located and refined community will set a new standard for luxury living in Simpsonville.”

Home buyers will experience one-stop shopping at the Toll Brothers Design Studio. The state-of-the-art Design Studio allows home buyers to choose from a wide array of selections to personalize their dream home with the assistance of Toll Brothers professional Design Consultants.

Woodcrest Hills is convenient to premier shopping, dining, and recreational destinations. The community is served by top-rated Greenville schools, including Rudolph G. Gordan Elementary and Middle School, and the new Fountain Inn High School.

For more information on Woodcrest Hills by Toll Brothers and to join the interest list, call (866) 232-1717 or visit

About Toll Brothers

Toll Brothers, Inc., a Fortune 500 Company, is the nation’s leading builder of luxury homes. The Company was founded 56 years ago in 1967 and became a public company in 1986. Its common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “TOL.” The Company serves first-time, move-up, empty-nester, active-adult, and second-home buyers, as well as urban and suburban renters. Toll Brothers builds in over 60 markets in 24 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington, as well as in the District of Columbia. The Company operates its own architectural, engineering, mortgage, title, land development, smart home technology, and landscape subsidiaries. The Company also develops master-planned and golf course communities as well as operates its own lumber distribution, house component assembly, and manufacturing operations.

Upstate’s Only Walk-Through Holiday Light Display Now Open at Heritage Park: Simpsonville, SC

The Nights of Lights is a brand new, walk-through Christmas light display open now at Heritage Park in Simpsonville, SC. We spent a night there and have all the details on how you can enjoy it with your family! Thank you to the Nights of Lights for providing media tickets for this review. Nearly a quarter mile of thousands of lights are shining bright at Nights of Lights in the Upstate’s only walk-through...

The Nights of Lights is a brand new, walk-through Christmas light display open now at Heritage Park in Simpsonville, SC. We spent a night there and have all the details on how you can enjoy it with your family!

Thank you to the Nights of Lights for providing media tickets for this review.

Nearly a quarter mile of thousands of lights are shining bright at Nights of Lights in the Upstate’s only walk-through holiday light display at Heritage Park in Simpsonville, SC. The brand-new event features beautiful light tunnels, a massive igloo, a petting zoo, lots of fun photo ops, ice skating, food, and carnival rides.

They also have several different discounts and are open nightly through December 31, 2023. Yes, even on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Read on for why you should put this event on your family’s list of to-do’s for the holiday season.

For more things to do over the holidays, see our giant list of 100+ Things to do Over the Christmas Holiday season.

The Nights of Lights: Heritage Park Christmas Lights

When you enter Heritage Park, keep driving all the way past the playground and train depot to the CCNB Amphitheater. There is free parking and that’s where you enter the display.

The path of lights is all paved and goes for nearly a quarter mile. The Heritage Park Christmas lights have over 200 LED light displays throughout the park. You’ll pass through archways of light where you will see Santa, snowmen, and all kinds of happy Christmas creatures decked out in lights.

There is a giant, life-size inflatable igloo, which is just really cute to walk through. There are places that have lights where you and your kids can poke your heads inside and instantly become lighted holiday people. It’s a lot of fun and you can take as long as you want anywhere.

Ice Skating

The Nights of Lights has a decent-sized skating rink for those of you who want to test your coordination and balance skills. The rink is not real ice but rather closely connected panels of synthetic material. As to how fast or slow you’ll go on skates, it will really depend upon your skates and ability to not fall! I had pretty awesome skates and was able to skate like I would on an ice rink. One of my kids almost mastered skating, but my other daughter wasn’t as coordinated. We all had a blast doing it though.

Skating is $10/person and if you need a little extra assistance in terms of an ice walker, that is $5. The rink is close to the entrance so you can do that first or do it after you walk through the display.

The Petting Zoo at Nights of Lights

Once you walk through the display, you will come to the petting zoo. The petting zoo is run by Eudora Farms, a wildlife safari based in Salley, SC. Our readers may be familiar with them since we’ve written about this farm in the past.

The animals at the Nights of Lights are so cute. They have a small camel, fluffy sheep, goats, alpacas, a super fluffy baby Highlands Scottish Cow, and a bull with massive horns. You can purchase feed cups for a few dollars to feed the animals. They looked very happy and well taken care of.

There is also a large enclosure where you can get inside and feed parakeets with a stick of bird seed. These parakeets are so funny. They will land on your arm, hand, shoulder, phone, you name it. It costs $3 for a birdseed stick and it’s so fun to get in there with them. My daughters and I loved interacting with the little birds.

The Rides, Bounce Houses, and Santa

Nights of Lights also has several rides you can enjoy during your time there. A Ferris Wheel, carousel, and green dragon spinning thing are located in front of the stage, where the 65-foot tall Christmas tree stands, and next to the petting zoo.

There are also two big bounce houses, including a giant snowman. My youngest daughter did these and loved the obstacle course one the best.

The three of us did the Ferris wheel and it was a blast. I hadn’t been on one of these old-school ones in forever and it felt secure plus you get a great view of all the lights at the top of the wheel. All the rides have to be regularly inspected so you can feel good knowing they are safe and secure.

Rides are one ticket per person and tickets are $3/each. Or you can buy in bulk, which is a little cheaper: 12 tickets for $30.

Santa is also scheduled to be at Nights of Lights on November 24 & 25 and December 1-3, 8-10, and 15-17 from 5:30-9:30 pm. Photos are $5 using your own phone or camera.

Food & S’Mores

Nights of Lights offers lots of yummy food options. We got a funnel cake, which was utterly amazing. We also roasted our own s’mores at the fire pits located near the rides, which was a blast.

Other food options are nachos, fries, onion rings, and chicken tenders – all the tasty fair foods.

Honest Mom Review

The Nights of Lights was a really fun experience. My kids, ages 12 and 9, and I all really enjoyed it. I’ve covered all the major light displays in our area and I really liked this one specifically for the walk-through aspect. You can take your time and enjoy all of the neat displays, take as many photos as you like, and make those special memories with your family.

I also enjoyed the petting zoo. I love animals and I feel that it’s usually easy to see if they are well taken care of and happy. These animals definitely were. The enclosures were clean and they seemed to be groomed well and happy. And the parakeet experience was so fun. Those little birds are cute and mischievous.

And, lastly, getting to speak with the management and learn all the behind-the-scenes things they are doing to make it affordable for families was fantastic. They set out to make a great event for the Christmas season but also create ways for it to be doable for as many families as possible. Everything was clean and accessible as well, which I thought spoke volumes on the effort put into the event.

Tickets, Hours, and Special Promotions

Nights of Lights is open every day from November 20-December 31, 2023. Hours are Sunday-Thursday 5-10 pm and Friday-Saturday from 5-11 pm. You have to pay admission to the entire light display, which includes the display, igloo, and access to Santa’s Village, rides, and the petting zoo. Extras are the cups of food in the petting zoo, pony rides, ice skating, photos with Santa, and rides.

Ticket prices on Sunday-Thursday are $10/age 16+ and $8/ages 6-15. Friday and Saturday ticket prices are $12/ages 16+ and $10/ages 6-15. Kids age 5 and under are free. No pets allowed; service dogs welcome.

Nights of Lights has promotional pricing nightly. Here’s the schedule:

Tickets are only sold at the gate. Nights of Lights is accessible and wheelchair-friendly. You can easily take a stroller. Be sure to follow Nights of Lights on Facebook for up-to-date hours and closure due to weather.

For more holiday light displays, see our big Guide to the Best Holiday Light Displays in the Upstate.

Night of Lights at the CCNB Amphitheatre at Heritage Park861 SE Main Street, SimpsonvilleWebsite | Facebook

Vendors needed for spring market in Simpsonville, SC, to support local nonprofit

SIMPSONVILLE, S.C. —Calling all creators of arts, crafts, food, and other products--here's an opportunity to make some money and support a Greenville, South Carolina, nonprofit organization at the same time.Every year, local high school juniors and seniors who are student ambassadors for Let There Be Mom come up with a plan for a fundraiser.This year, the students have planned a spring market for Saturday, April 27, at Methodi...


Calling all creators of arts, crafts, food, and other products--here's an opportunity to make some money and support a Greenville, South Carolina, nonprofit organization at the same time.

Every year, local high school juniors and seniors who are student ambassadors for Let There Be Mom come up with a plan for a fundraiser.

This year, the students have planned a spring market for Saturday, April 27, at Methodist Church of Simpsonville.

To become a vendor, organizers ask that you make a $50 donation to Let There Be Mom and donate one item to be used in a raffle. Organizers say they are hoping to host more than 70 vendors at the event.

"I think it's just a good opportunity for them and for us because they're supporting us with the donation, but also it's for people to see their small businesses and shop from them and buy from them while also finding out what Let There Be Mom is at the same time," said student ambassador Savannah Robinson.

Maggie Dunlap, also a student ambassador, said: "We just decided as a group that it would be really cool, and it could become a big event, and really anyone can come to it and have a great time."

Founder and executive director of Let There Be Mom Kipra Anderson said the goal is to help parents diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses set up a legacy for their children. That includes leaving children gifts for life's milestones, like high school graduation, their wedding, and the birth of their first child, so the parents can still be there, even if they are no longer physically there. Anderson said the services Let There Be Mom provides to local families are free, and fundraisers support the nonprofit's mission.

More news: Voting in the Democratic presidential primary this weekend? Here's what you need to know

Organizers of the Spring Market ask vendors to sign up by March 8.

More information can be found here.

"We just want to raise as much money for Let There Be Mom as possible," student ambassador Grayson Cuttino said. "I know we all have our own special connection to it, which is why we're student ambassadors, so just being able to raise money for a cause that really means a lot to all of us is just super important."

The BEST List of 2024 Easter Egg Hunts: Greenville, SC

Are you looking for the perfect Easter Egg hunt in Greenville, Spartanburg, or Upstate, SC? We have an amazing list of egg hunts, Easter bunny photos, Easter farm events, crafts, and all sorts of kid-friendly 2024 Easter events in the Upstate SC area. Bookmark this list and watch it grow with new Easter events added all season long.Easter Egg Hunts in Greenville, SC...

Are you looking for the perfect Easter Egg hunt in Greenville, Spartanburg, or Upstate, SC? We have an amazing list of egg hunts, Easter bunny photos, Easter farm events, crafts, and all sorts of kid-friendly 2024 Easter events in the Upstate SC area. Bookmark this list and watch it grow with new Easter events added all season long.

Easter Egg Hunts in Greenville, SC

Easter Egg Hunts in Spartanburg, SC

Easter Bunny Photos in the Upstate

Travel: These Easter Events are Worth the Drive

Tips for Surviving the Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Want to know more about Things to Do this Easter in Greenville? Find all our fantastic Easter content on our Guide to Easter in Greenville.

Greenville, SC Easter Egg Hunts

Searching for an Easter Egg Hunt in Greenville County for your kids? You found the right list! We are adding events to this list as information becomes available, so bookmark this page and check back often.

Heritage Park, 861 South Main Street, Simpsonville

March 23, 2024 from 9 am to 12 pm,The Great Egg Venture: Egg Hunt at Heritage Park. This is a free community event with inflatables and egg hunts, plus prizes.

Greer City Park

March 23, 2024, 11 am to 1 pm Eggtastic Easter Event at Greer City Park is back for 2024 with egg hunts, inflatables and more. Register in advance or the morning of on-site. The online registration should be available soon, according to the Greer Recreation website.

Spartanburg, SC Easter Egg Hunts

Here are the 2023 Easter Egg Hunts happening in Spartanburg County.

March 23rd, 2024 from 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm, the Magical Easter Event in Duncan, SC will have egg hunts at staggered times by age. Free activities include the egg hunt, magic show, kid rides, train ride, inflatables, face painting, free pictures with the Easter Bunny, and a petting zoo.

Where to Get Easter Bunny Pictures: Greenville, SC

The Easter Bunny will be visiting Bass Pro Shop in Greenville this March 2024! You can visit with him and get a FREE printed photo with the Easter Bunny.

Visit with the Easter Bunny at Haywood Mall starting March 1st, 2024. The Caring Bunny (a special opportunity for kids with special needs to get their photo in a sensory-friendly environment) date is TBA.

All Easter Events Happening in 2024 Across the Upstate

Major Easter Events Across the Carolinas: Worth the Drive

Located in Spencer and about 2 hours from Greenville, the NC Transportation welcomes the Easter Bunny for four days. Get your picture taken with the bunny (either DIY it or pay for a professional photo) and then enjoy a day with trains! You can also upgrade your admission with a train ride experience on an Easter-themed train. An Easter Egg hunt will happen on March 29th and 30th, 2024 at 10:30 and 1:30 pm(ages 0-4) and 11:30 am and 2:30 pm (ages 5-10)

Additionally, you can have breakfast, lunch, or a snack with the Easter Bunny in a stationary dining car on site. Those tickets include a ride on the Easter Bunny Express and admission.

Admission ranges in price from $7- $30 plus fees, depending on the options you select. You can choose admission without a train ride just to enjoy the museum and event, admission with a ride on the Easter Bunny Express, or admission, with a ride on the Easter Bunny Express and a meal in the dining car. Admission is FREE for children under the age of 3. See the event website to buy your tickets and for more details about pricing and the train schedule.

The Great Smoky Mountian Railroad in Bryson City, NC is offering their Bunny Hopper Express train again in 2024. On March 29th and 30th at 11 am you can ride the Bunny Hopper Express to the Bunny Trail. At this 1-and-a-half-hour layover, you’ll enjoy an Easter Egg hunt, live music, photos with Conductor Hops and Brakeman Bunny, plus a cookie decorating station. On the train, kids will receive an activity bag to enjoy.

Tickets are $35 to $87 depending on your choice of car, and complimentary for kids under in designated cars. Purchase Bunny Hopper Express tickets in advance. Many cars will likely sell out.

Top 5 Easter Egg Hunt Tips

What could go wrong at a fun event involving kids, candy, and the outdoors? I hope that I won’t shock any new parents out there, but the public egg hunt is not always all fun and games. It’s lots of fun but it can also result in tears from both kids and parents. Here are some of the top tips to help make the experience safe and enjoyable.

Different egg hunts have different rules and it’s smart to choose a hunt that fits your family’s age children and temperaments. For example, a fast, competitive child might thrive at a free-for-all egg hunt that’s every man for himself, but a shy child might find the same hunt frightening and leave without a single egg.

Find out . . . What are the rules for this egg hunt?

Beware of the hunts that allow parents to “help” kids. It’s not unheard of to watch fellow parents run toddlers over while they help their very capable preschooler fill an overflowing basket of eggs.

Easter is early-April this year which means the day could rapidly go from a cool early morning to a hot late morning or afternoon depending on the weather.

Make sure that you plan time to park. If your egg hunt has an age requirement for a specific time, your child will likely only be allowed to hunt at that time. If the hunt is large, plan at least 30 minutes for parking and registration before the hunt. Also pack snacks, water, extra clothes, and don’t forget the basket! You should always have a backup plan as well, just in case your kid’s basket ends up empty.

Be sure to go over your expectations of behavior before the craziness starts. Let your kids know that pushing, shoving, or taking other people’s eggs are a no-no.

In lieu (or in addition) to the big community hunt, consider planning your own private hunt with just your own kids or with your neighborhood or friends. Smaller hunts can allow for actual hiding (rather than just a bunch of eggs dumped in a field) and a smaller event can also be a fun chance to dye eggs and enjoy Easter games. It’s a simple event that the kids enjoy and it doesn’t involve tons of candy. With friends and family. Have fun!

Did your favorite egg hunt make our list? If we missed it, please share it in the comments below!

Actress Danielle Brooks hosts screening of upcoming movie, The Color Purple the Upstate

SIMPSONVILLE, S.C. – One of the stars from The Color Purple was in Simpsonville Sunday evening to host a special screening of the upcoming movie.At the Regal Cinema on South Street, a crowd gathered dressed in purple.“I am here to see Danielle Brooks in The Color Purple,” movie goer, Donna Glenn said.South Carolina native Danielle Brooks is best known for her role in the popular show Orange is the New Black.“What we see lately is stars promoting the movie with pop ups you know in big cities...

SIMPSONVILLE, S.C. – One of the stars from The Color Purple was in Simpsonville Sunday evening to host a special screening of the upcoming movie.

At the Regal Cinema on South Street, a crowd gathered dressed in purple.

“I am here to see Danielle Brooks in The Color Purple,” movie goer, Donna Glenn said.

South Carolina native Danielle Brooks is best known for her role in the popular show Orange is the New Black.

“What we see lately is stars promoting the movie with pop ups you know in big cities like New York, Atlanta and LA but this is all that mattered to me getting to bring this home to Simpsonville, South Carolina.”

The actress spoke to an audience full of familiar faces.

“I’ve known Danielle since she was very small. We go to the same church her mom and I are very close to,” Glenn said. “Danielle is from South Carolina, this is where her family and everything is here, this is where she was raised.”

The upcoming film depicts the struggles of African American women in the south during the 1900’s.

“It is really something that everyone can connect to because everyone has been through pain everyone has been hurt and everyone has had to be their own hero in their story to some capacity,” Brooks said.

Brooks hopes showcasing The Color Purple in her hometown sends a message that anything is possible, “it is important for them to know that you can make it too, whatever you dream is, it can become a reality and I am a living witness of that. So, if I can just show my face and let young kids know or even adults know that your dreams can come true even if you’re from a small town.”

The movie will be in theaters everywhere on Christmas Day.


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