Residential Closings and Refinances


Residential Closings And Refinance Attorneys in Charleston, South Carolina

Between time sensitive paperwork and legal complications, managing residential closings and residential refinances in South Carolina can be overwhelming for a homeowner wishing to sell or purchase a home. Data from the South Carolina Realtors confirms that real estate transactions in the Charleston area are continuing to increase, with single-family closed sales up 3% and townhouse-condo closed sales up a staggering 20%. 

Cobb Hammett, is a leading Charleston, South Carolina law firm focusing on all matters of real estate. We represent clients in residential closings and refinances in the Charleston area, ensuring that their rights are upheld, and their financial and legal interests remain protected. Real estate closings are complicated transactions involving numerous state laws and federal regulations. In a single transaction, hundreds of thousands of dollars can be exchanged.  For this reason, in South Carolina, an attorney must oversee the transaction. The dedicated real estate attorneys at Cobb Hammett are available to discuss these issues and more with you today at 843-936-6680

We Advocate for Clients in Real Estate Matters

We represent clients from diverse backgrounds as they navigate real estate purchases, sales, and refinances. As a leading real estate law firm in Charleston, South Carolina, we offer personalized, high-level legal services for residential closings and refinances. We advocate for your best interests, ensuring that you are not involved in any agreements that will jeopardize your financial or legal position.

As dedicated real estate attorneys, we can represent you in the following matters: 

  • Reviewing sales contracts
  • Preparing loan documents for compliance with the contract of sale, closing instructions, and applicable laws 
  • Completing a title search
  • Supervise the execution of closing documents 
  • Verify that all documents are recorded and indexed properly

At Cobb Hammett, we offer comprehensive legal services that address every aspect of residential closings and refinances in South Carolina. 

Residential Closings and Refinances in South Carolina

In South Carolina, residential closings are considered a practice of law. An attorney must be present to supervise and review the title search of the property and conduct the closing. This is discussed in State v. Buyers Service Co., 357 S.E.2d 15 (S.C. 1986), wherein the Supreme Court of South Carolina states that an attorney should be involved in a residential closing during: 

  • The preparation of pleadings and other papers incident to actions and special proceedings
  • The management of such actions and proceedings on behalf of clients

In essence, an attorney must be present for nearly all real estate closings in the state of South Carolina. Consider hiring an experienced real estate attorney who understands your needs and prioritizes your goals. 

Refinancing in South Carolina

Refinancing generally refers to the restructuring of a mortgage. In practice, this looks like trading in an old mortgage for a new one. Many people opt to refinance their mortgage in order to lower their interest, shorten their payment schedule, or take advantage of equity that they have earned. 

Once the refinancing documents have been executed, our experienced real estate attorneys will ensure that the lender receives all originals, that the new mortgage is recorded, and all title policies drafted to reflect the obligations of the loan. Moreover, we follow South Carolina consumer home loan laws to be sure that all refinances comply with state regulations and guidelines. 

Why Hire a Real Estate Attorney for Residential Closings and Refinances?

As mentioned, hiring legal counsel for residential closings and refinances is required in the state of South Carolina. Therefore, in the state, all reputable mortgage lenders will necessitate that an attorney be present during the process. Additionally, hiring a real estate attorney can be extremely valuable for the following reasons:

  • Timeliness: Oftentimes, residential closings and refinances must be completed in a specific time frame. Meeting these deadlines can be difficult, especially when banks are involved. Bringing in a real estate attorney helps ensure that all paperwork is submitted accurately and on time. 
  • Negotiations:  Not all real estate transactions are straightforward and simple. Sometimes, disputes arise, and outside parties may have ulterior motives regarding your finances. Involving an attorney can help ensure that your goals are met during these negotiations.
  • Avoiding Low Appraisals: When refinancing, receiving a low appraisal can be financially devastating. Experienced real estate attorneys can help work through these issues and ensure that your home is not undervalued.

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The legal complexities involved in residential closings and refinances can be difficult to navigate. When it comes to real estate transactions, every moment matters. For this reason, we seek to make the processes of residential closings and refinances as quick and easy as possible, all while making sure your financial and legal interests are protected.

Regardless of whether you are closing on residential property or refinancing your loan, the experienced residential real estate attorneys at Cobb Hammett are here to assist you. For more information or to speak with an experienced real estate attorney today, consider calling us at 843-936-6680.